Five Steps To Counter Air Pollution

India is increasingly becoming one of the most polluted countries in the world. Everything you do – from the products you buy, to your handling of household waste to your energy consumption patterns – makes a difference to the environment around you. A few key steps in going green can help pollution levels in the air as well as keep you and your family healthy.

Counter air pollution

  • Conserve energy around the house by turning off lights and electrical appliances, including computers and laptops, when not in use. Use energy efficient bulbs and appliances in the house.
  • Do regular pollution checks on all your vehicles. Try to use carpool services, public transport, and bicycle or walk whenever possible.
  • Invest in anti-pollution masks and air purifiers, especially for children and the elderly.
  • Do not burn leaves and other waste material; bury them in a compost pit. Encourage cleaners in your neighbourhood to do the same.
  • Look after the trees in your neighbourhood – they are your lifelines. Help in planting more trees, if possible.


Author: Shilpi Ganguly

Shilpi is a content writer and blogger, writing on various topics like travel, food, health, relationships etc.

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