Tips that’ll help you LOOSE more to GAIN more

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  1. Moderate Exercises – Performing moderate exercises on a regular basis- like spot jogging, simple squats, morning and evening walks can be very helpful in keeping you active and in regulating your sugar levels
  2. Yoga – Science tells us that Yoga and Meditation go a long way towards de-stressing & relaxing your mind and body. This can help to maintain optimum blood sugar levels. Besides, yoga also has a direct action on lowering blood sugar
  3. Sugar Alternatives – Include natural sweeteners in your diet – raw honey, organic milk and grated carrots could be some great options to add sweetness to your food while safeguarding yourself against the adverse effects of sugar
  4. Food Alternatives – Traditional herbs, spices and vegetables are known to exert blood-sugar lowering effects. Karela, cinnamon and amla have been traditionally used as effective herbal remedies for lowering blood sugar

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