Have A Super-Breakfast With Different Preparation Of Oats

One of the healthiest options for breakfast, oats are extremely nutritious and well balanced. They are a good source of carbohydrates, fiber beta-glucan, important vitamins, minerals and antioxidant plant compounds. All these put together help in weight loss, lowered risk of heart disease, blood sugar level and more. Avoid processed oats (quick oats) if possible.

Oats porridge for breakfast

Oats porridge: Cook roasted oats with milk, use honey instead of sugar, add fruits of choice and some nuts and you have an ideal breakfast ready.

Oats idly: Mix powered oats to rava (suji) and you have an interesting variety to the usual rava idly. Add some finely chopped vegetables in the batter for taste and nutrition.

Oats dosa: In the same way as above, you can even go for oats dosa on a weekend.

Oats Dosa for breakfast

Egg-oat upma: Make upma with oats the usual way you would make upma, and add scrambled or beaten eggs to it. Eat while hot!

Berry oats: Combine oats with berries (blueberry/strawberry/mulberry) and milk or yogurt, add some maple syrup or chocolate syrup and refrigerate overnight. Add some almonds and walnuts in to it in the morning and eat.

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