Preparing Your Skin And Body For Holi

Organic colours for Holi

Holi is surely one of the most colourful, fun and playful festivals of India, but then, also one that can do a lot of harm to our skin and hair. However, pre-warned is pre-armed. Here are some tips for a safe Holi:

  • Don’t get any skin treatment, facial, waxing etc. done a week before. It makes skin more prone to inflammation.
  • Coconut or mustard oil may not be your favourite, but apply them liberally before you start playing colours. Using water-proof sunscreen on top of that is also recommended.
  • Wash your hair the day before and oil it thoroughly, including the scalp. This will prevent excessive damage to hair from colours and chemicals.
  • Apply lots of Vaseline on your fingers and under your nails. It helps wash off colour faster.
  • Wear clothes that cover most of your body. Keep a cap or scarf for the head.
  • Ideally, only use organic colours.
  • Post Holi, don’t rub your skin vigorously to remove colours. Instead, use a paste of flour/besan, honey and milk and scrub your skin gently with it.

Happy HOLIHoli skin care_2

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