Mistakes to avoid in the shower for beautiful hair

Most of us believe that washing our hair every day and using a popular shampoo is good enough to keep our tresses healthy and beautiful. But we don’t realize some mistakes we make while in the shower itself, that ends up doing more harm than help. Here are some mistakes to avoid in the shower for better looking hair:

Avoid mistakes in the shower for healthy hair

  • Shampoo hair only twice or thrice a week: Natural oil in our hair and scalp help to protect ours locks, so shampooing every day is a mistake. It washes vital oils away.
  • Avoid hot water to wash hair: Too much hot water will also make your hair dry and prone to breakage.
  • Massage the scalp: A good scalp massage while shampooing helps in better blood circulation and detoxification of the scalp. Result: healthier, more glowing hair.
  • Keep an old cotton shirt handy for drying hair: Yes, that’s right. Old cotton shirts or tops are far gentler on your hair than your softest towel, thus protecting cuticles from breaking.

Author: KV Labs

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