Home Exercises For The Elderly

As we grow older, our bodies obviously become more frail and weak. Apart from many other ailments, old age is marked by problems related to balance, coordination and mobility. These are not irredeemable problems, however. With a little care, discipline and exercise daily, the risks of balance and mobility related issues can be reduced.

Is it safe for senior citizens to exercise though? The answer is: absolutely yes. Of course, none of the exercises are replacements for your doctor’s prescriptions. But some moderate physical activities can have far-reaching health benefits.

Apart from general activities like walking and yoga, these videos show some low impact workout that can easily be done by elderly people at home, without the use of any heavy or fancy equipment.

You can stop wherever you feel you need a break or if you experience any physical discomfort.

Physical activities for 15-30 minutes everyday can help improve blood pressure levels, diabetes, lipid profile, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and even neuro-cognitive function.

Author: KV Labs

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