How to protect your diet from relapsing

With obesity and associated health issues on the rise, people have become more aware lately, trying to engage themselves in physical activities and incorporating better diet plans. Unfortunately, most of us face the problem of diet relapses. While will power is the most important prerequisite, here are five tips to help you:

Set Realistic Goals: It’s essential to have short term aims. Wanting too much too soon is often demotivating. Short term goals are easier to assess and evaluate.  

fitness goals
Dynamic Diet: There is no one correct diet for you. Every food item has something that another doesn’t. Hence rotating your diet not only gives you better nutrition, but also feels like a welcome change to your palate.

dynamic diet
Never Skip Meals: Skipping meals is counterproductive as the body tries to balance it out by going into a “power-saving mode”, burning less calories as a result.

don't skip meals
Drink Water: Hydration helps detoxifying the body, and gives us a feeling of fullness, reducing chances of binge eating.

drink water
Cheat Days: It helps taking the occasional break and treating yourself with whatever cravings you have. Diet plans should have one cheat day a week. 

diet cheat day

Author: Dr. Abhishek Chaudhuri

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