How to develop hygienic habits among kids

wash hands with soap

If you’re having trouble teaching your child benefits of a good hygiene, don’t fret. Children consider hygienic habits to be the least important on their to-do list. So how do we make them inculcate good habits?

1. Start with the basics: washing hands with soap and brushing their teeth twice daily are basic and therefore the perfect place to start.

2. Lead by example: children love imitating adults, so you should always practice what you preach.

3. Be patient: kids are known to have a very short attention span, so don’t lose your temper over it. Developing habits takes time, so don’t bombard them with too much too soon.

4. Make it fun: preparing a bubble bath or letting them have toys makes bath much more enjoyable, making them want to do it.

5. Reward them: always give your child some incentive, be it a toy or something he wants to eat. Give them a treat when they start washing their hands regularly or when they stop littering around.

6. It’s all in the routine: lastly, nothing becomes a habit overnight. It requires to be part of a routine for children to learn it. So repetition is essential.

Author: Dr. Abhishek Chaudhuri

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