Depression!! Let’s talk about it


We all have felt like the world would end, or there is nothing to look up to. Times when nothing makes us happy or when we just want to run away. What if someone said you are suffering from depression? What would you do?


Nowadays, everyone has their baggage…be it subdued childhood grudges, problems coping up with studies/work, being bullied/harassed, struggling professionally or at home. Such triggers catalyze a complex chain of thoughts which leads to anger, irritation, dejection, incompetence, etc. This is where depression starts, but majority of us choose to ignore the early signs.


It starts as something small, but gets bigger the longer we choose to keep everything corked up. Sharing our problems with loved ones may not always give us  solutions, but it certainly helps ease the worries. Talking to a psychologist/counselor is advisable if the former doesn’t help.


With timely diagnosis and proper intervention, we can avoid going into Major Depressive Disorders and a variety of other health problems.


We have friends and family because we need them. So chuck your inhibitions and discuss your stress with those around you. After all, a healthy mind breeds a healthy body.

Author: Dr. Abhishek Chaudhuri

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