Things to take care of in the gym

Image of a full weight rack for hand dumbbells at a commercial gym

In this fast life, no one has the time to walk. As ironic as it may seem to be, odd and long working hours have made gyms the solution for most people who are looking to flex their muscles. Though it may look rather simple, gyming is a science in itself. Unfortunately most of us buy into a lot of misconceptions. Here are a few things everyone who works out should take care of:


1. Be patient – patience is the key to success. No one has ever reached their goals without dedication and discipline. Body transformations take time, never try to get instant results with supplements you don’t have a thorough knowledge of.


2. Always consult a trainer – many of us feel watching a few videos or reading up a few articles is enough to know what’s best for us. But always trust a professional to know better


3. Stay Hydrated – keep taking sips between sets. If you feel your lips or tongue feel dry, dehydration has already set in. To avoid this, always have sips after every 2-3 sets.


4. Use proper equipment – the equipment you use is equally important. Wearing belts, knee straps and elbow straps help your joints to stay compact and prevent a lot of serious health issues like hernias, stress fractures, etc.


5. Never go into the gym empty stomach – your body uses a lot of calories when you are working out, so it is always good to have something at least 90 minutes before you begin. High intensity routines on an empty stomach can bring about vertigo, vomiting or even fainting.


6. Proper cooldown – just like warm up, cool down is essential. During workout the core body temperature increases, and it needs to be brought back to normal gradually. A sudden drop in temperature due to drinking cold water, taking a shower or sitting in front of the air conditioner may lead to fever, respiratory trouble or excessive muscle soreness.


7. Replenish proteins – proteins are the fundamental building blocks for your muscles. Taking proteins 30 minutes after work out has the best results as it provides nutrition for muscle growth and recovery.


Contrary to what most people feel, supplements and steroids are not a substitute for hard work. Transformations are not difficult provided you do it right, do it regularly and never stop till you reach your goals.

Author: Dr. Abhishek Chaudhuri

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