Monthly archives: October, 2017

What is your fever type?


  Fever is one of the most common symptoms found in majority of infections, whether bacterial or viral. While most fevers are self limiting and do not last more than 4-5 days, certain types of fevers like Dengue, malaria, typhoid etc can be grave and even life threatening if ignored. So how do we know …

Diabetic? Diwali means sweets for you too!


Festivals = Sweets (lots of them) for every Indian. So even if you are a diabetic, why stop yourself from indulging in them. Though you need to dodge around a little bit, but you can still have the pleasure of that taste. How? Here are some tips.   Carbohydrates are directly related to your sugar …

Taking a break from work – it’s healthy

stretching at work

Whenever we hear ‘work is worship’ we can’t help but think work is the most important aspect of our lives. However, it asks us to be good workers rather than be workaholics. Irrespective of your job profile, it takes a heavy toll on your body if you choose to ignore the signs of strain and …