Diabetic? Diwali means sweets for you too!


Festivals = Sweets (lots of them) for every Indian. So even if you are a diabetic, why stop yourself from indulging in them. Though you need to dodge around a little bit, but you can still have the pleasure of that taste. How? Here are some tips.


Carbohydrates are directly related to your sugar levels. If you are having a balanced, disciplined diet, there is always room for having some sugar and giving your sweet tooth a little something this time of the year.


Having dry fruits not only satisfies your palate but also provides your body with essential micro nutrients and anti oxidants. Low fat kheer, phirni and other low fat sweets are also a good substitute, but not to be taken more than once a day preferably.
Wait!!! You’re saying that I can have the normal sugar (cheeni)?


Well, of course you can but in a very limited amount as natural sugars contain more carbohydrates than artificial sweeteners, which is risky. On the other hand artificial sweeteners are sweeter than sugar, hence required in lesser quantities in recipes, which makes your sweets safer and you can have more of them.


Would you need to do something more? Yes, a completely balanced diet is a very fine beginning. What helps it is exercise. You need to take a brisk walk, do a little exercise for half an hour which helps you in the long run for regulating your glucose metabolism.


Additionally, you need to monitor your sugar levels regularly which tells you which side of sweetness are you on? And yes, it’s required even on holidays which are filled with tasty sweets.


The final verdict? The golden key here is striking a balance between your diet, your sugar intake and your exercise. And you can always have a little more sweets if they are made from sugar substitutes.


So, this Festive Season, We Wish You A Sweet & Balanced Diwali.

Author: Dr. Abhishek Chaudhuri

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