Monitor your Diabetes

Blood Test
Blood Test

What are the tests that are required to monitor Diabetes progression?

Tests for Diabetes can be divided into three tiers according to frequency*:

1.     On Daily basis: Blood sugar with glucometer

2.     Every Three Monthly: HbA1c, Blood glucose from lab, Lipid profile

3.     Every yearly: Hemogram, LFTs, KFTs, Urine evaluation,HbA1c, Lipid Profile, Eye checkup, Foot examination

* Frequency can vary as per your doctors discretion.

What is HbA1c ?

HbA1c stands for Glycosalated haemoglobin or Glycated haemoglobin. HbA1c is also called as the blood test with a memory. It gives a person’s average blood glucose control for 2-3 month period before the test.

What are the targets for my blood sugar values?

Timing Blood Glucose Value
Fasting and  pre-meals 70-130 mg/dl
Post meals (PP) (2 hr after meal) <180 mg/dl
HbA1c (every 3 monthly)  7% (6-8)*

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