Monthly archives: May, 2018

Catching cholesterol early


Cholesterol is a byproduct of fat breakdown in the body. Depending on its size, it is broadly classified into heavy, low and very low density lipids (HDL, LDL and VLDLs). These are normally present in all tissues of the body and are useful in hormone production, vitamin D synthesis, etc.   However, cholesterol nowadays is …

Let your health flower with the seed of Flax


Fortified plant-based foods have been recognized to promote well-being by offering immense health benefits. They are the finest sources of protein, fiber, iron and other essential nutrients.  Besides, they form a significant part of a balanced vegan diet. Consider the healthiest foods that lead your grocery purchases every month. To your checklist of pulses, grains, …

Hacking hyperthyroidism


Thyroid disorders are becoming increasingly common among people. Thyroid abnormalities are hormonal disorders. While hypothyroidism is one end of the spectrum, hyperthyroidism covers the opposite spectrum.   When I say, opposite, I mean exactly opposite. It is a condition with elevated levels of thyroid hormones, namely T3 and T4; coupled with decreased levels of thyroid …