When heat turns on, let the kids stay cool -5 safety measures

kids in summer vacation

The month of May arrives and we can smell summer. For the young ones who are free from responsibilities and rampant with possibilities, these days are to rejoice. It is the onset of long and sweet summer holidays! As kids get plenty of time to dawdle and excitement creeps in, they explore, play, go swimming, find seashells, ride on tree swings, travel, relax and do much more.

This is, however, only one aspect of the situation. When sunshine gets stronger and winds get hotter, it is important to take certain preventions for children, whose immunity levels are not very strong. How do we ensure that kids don’t get adversely affected by the heat waves? Here are 5 precautions that will empower kids to chill out while the family members enjoy their hilarity:

  1. Avoid outdoors when the sun is shining: Outdoor play is necessary for a healthy body and mind. However, during summers, avoid going out during peak hours, between 10 am to 4 pm. In case they need to go out, make them wear full clothes to cover the skin (like choose trousers instead of shorts/skirts), use sunglasses, and sunscreen (SPF 30 or Higher) to prevent sunburn. Time for play should be set up during evening hours from 6 to 8 under the protection of a mosquito repellant.
  2. Stay hydrated: Enjoy natural summer chillers, and most importantly, frequent sips of pure water. Healthy drinks keep the body’s hydroxides in balance. Normally, 6-8 glasses of fluids per day are recommended.
  3. Know what is amiss with Air Conditioners: ACs, which are supposed to ease our life in summers, can be the reason for heat stroke if one walks outside in the heat directly after being in an AC room for some time. It is better to first spend some time in a room with normal fanning, before going out.
  4. Adorn your little ones with summer time fabrics: Instead of synthetic or nylon clothes, choose light-colored airy, cotton stuff as they absorb less heat. Use hats to cover their head.
  5. Nutritious food and Catnaps: Vacay is the perfect time for healthy and homemade summer treats. Introduce light refreshments that are full of nutrients for e.g. Barley bread, Mango cucumber smoothie, upma, yogurt, etc. After lunch, let them rejuvenate in the hot afternoon with a 30-60 minute catnap.

Have a fresh and joyful vacation!

Author: Latika Sawhney

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