5 essentials to enjoy the wild side of summers

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The heat is increasing and summer has fully wrapped us in her scorching blanket. For most people, these days are best enjoyed in the cool of their homes, unlike others, who are adventurous, or fun loving. Whether or not we belong to the second group, the fact is those summer outings are inevitable at times.

How to stay safe in the sun?

While going out in summers, a few preparations are required from our side so we don’t come under the sway of weather. These provisions will help you derive comfort and keep cool. Consider this list as a traveler’s ally and enjoy the open moments:

  1. Aqua flask to keep fresh & hydrated

Keep sufficient cool water in a bottle when going outdoors. Water is the primary requirement as it helps to keep up hydration levels, maintain blood pressure and regulate body temperature. You can also count on natural energy drinks.

  1. Cotton napkin/towel/wet wipes to clean off the sweat

Redness of skin and perspiration are very common during hot days. If there is slight sweating, it should be allowed to cool by itself. Excessive sweating, however, can result in problems like skin rashes, body odor, and acne. A clean and dry towel or wet wipes is thus an appropriate solution.

  1. An expert sun protector

Harmful rays of the sun are one of the environmental hazards and we need an ideal defense to soothe our skin. It is therefore advised to carry and wear a sunscreen with SPF 30 with a waterproof formula to prevent sunburns and other adverse effects of sun’s UVA/UVB rays.

  1. Body Deodorant for a pleasant aroma and zing

Breakdown of sweat causes body odor and stains which results in irritation and inconvenience. A slightly scented deodorant under the armpit and sweat-prone areas can keep the grease away and work wonders.

  1. Sunglasses to Safeguard your eyes

Sunglasses prevent our eyes from the detrimental effects of sun’s rays. Besides, you feel comfortable and chic.

Apart from these basics, wear light and cotton clothes, carry luscious fruits, scarf/hat to cover your head, a befitting comb to disentangle your hair, medicines, and sufficient finances.

Keep cool and relish outdoors!

Author: Latika Sawhney

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