Defining mores of Cleanliness in the young – Hygiene habits in kids

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Staying fresh and clean is the quintessence of good health. Its significance gets profound when it comes to children. In this regard, even modern media flashes attention capturing promotions. Let’s recollect some of them: ‘Lifebuoy hai jahan..tandurusti hai vahan..”, Hum Sab ki Suraksha…Savlon Suraksha”, “Maa Jane Dettol ka dhula” and so on.

While these adverts certainly raise our awareness levels, the magnitude of hygiene extends much further than just a thorough hand and body wash. Personal cleanliness and caring for one’s body is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. The healthy practices thus need to be established at the tender age of five and above. Here’s how to begin the progression:

  1. Protect their innocent smile with Oral Hygiene

Kids are fond of eating and this is the age to try diverse foodstuff. It helps to nurture the body and develop new tastes. If the teeth and gums are brushed well twice a day and flossed regularly, it will thwart many issues like cavities, bad breath, toothaches & decay, and even gum diseases later. Besides, visit the dentist every six months for a general dental checkup.

  1. Bubble-up the mornings with a thorough bath

Encourage morning showers while properly cleaning the body parts with a gentle soap. Foster the routine slowly yet consistently with hair wash, every other day. Take care to maintain the right water temperature according to the weather conditions for their comfort. The energy & refreshment of a good bath will itself become a motivating factor to follow the custom.

  1. Build-up healthy bowel habits

A daily toilet routine at fixed timings is ideal when it comes to belly health. Ensure their comfort and encourage them not to withhold the stools. Add a lot of fiber to the kids’ diet so that they don’t get constipated.

  1. Boost up their confidence with self-grooming practices

Training kids to groom themselves is a lesson in decency. It also helps develop a positive self-image. Washing hands & face at regular intervals throughout the day, graciously-kempt hair, short-cut nails, use of mild deodorants, putting clean & ironed clothes, etc are all a part of this process.

  1. Create little pockets of Joy with Skin Care

Apart from the usual cleaning, the delicate skin of young ones needs to be protected from environmental detriments and cared for. While applying sunscreens, mosquito repellents, moisturizers, etc., let them have fun.  Engage them in some sort of play or sing hilariously. This will add happy memories parallel to developing a healthy habit.

Your wisdom and care in regard to hygiene will decide the overall happiness and health of your children. So, take the preventive route.

Author: Latika Sawhney

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