How to make judicious diet choices in the middle of festivities

how to make judicious diet choices in the middle of festivities

Festivals offer us golden moments to rejoice and make merry. We all carve out our pieces of delight. Special moments of togetherness are coupled with grand feasts to satiate the fervor.

From delicious nibbles to exquisite cuisines, food remains the hallmark of celebrations. With a great amount of significance attributed to foodstuff during social & private gatherings, it’s no wonder if one consumes it in large quantities or unhealthy treat finds its way to our bellies time and again, in the name of festive spirit.

It is a challenge to sieve through those high-calorie traditional sweets, cakes, chips, oily food & snacks, alcohol etc and switch to a balanced diet. However, following these tips may help you to hold out the unnecessary grub and remain in fine fettle:

  1. Make a shift from sweets to fruits

The delectable sugary sweets are a treat to the tongue but their consumption in excess can easily raise our calorie count. This further puts us on the lower road to poor health. So, devour them in moderation and then alternate your craving with nature’s candies! Fruits. Yes, it is interesting to note that these quick & natural snacks are low in calories and loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

  1. Keep hydrated with natural thirst quenchers

During celebrations, it is convenient to grab those aerated drinks. Think back! This is an easy way to gain energy but is also raising your sugar level. It is important to note that to burn the extra sugar from one can of drink, we need to run for 40 minutes or walk 4 miles. It is therefore advised to keep oneself hydrated with natural mineral water, lemonade, buttermilk, coconut drinks, and fresh fruit juices.

  1. Munch on the nutty and fruity

Do not go hungry or you may crave for the unhealthy edibles full of carbs. Keep feeding yourself every 2-3 hours with healthy nuts, vegetable & fruit smoothies or protein-rich snacks.

  1. Cook healthy at home

When at home, try to eat light and nutritious food. Use good quality oil in limited quantities and avoid fried snacks. It is good to eat special foods during festivals but remember to re-integrate the value of nutrition in the family food culture.

For recipes of low-calorie home-made sweets, please refer this article:

  1. Exercise and measure your food

In the name of festivities, do not forget to work out. It is even more important during such days. At the same time, control the amount of food at gatherings. Serve yourself in smaller quantities to keep the order.

  1. Post-festival regime

After the days of indulgence are over, take a detoxification break to cleanse your body. Go for organic & fresh vegetables, drink plenty of water, eat a lot of fiber and delight yourself with delicious fruit smoothies. Try to discipline the body and mind by fasting in between.

Follow the system over a week and find yourself rejuvenated again.

In this way, we can stay conscious of our health even during the times when it is mostly forgotten. Enjoy!

Author: Latika Sawhney

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