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 “Mist to mist, drops to drops. For water thou art, and unto water shalt thou return.”  This excerpt strikes straight and valid when it comes to the significance of water. With our bodies constituting 60% of water, it is indeed the most essential element of life.

How water is your Best friend?

The insipid, colorless and pure aqua sets out a magical impact on our well-being. If we are exhausted, we need it. Worked out? Dry skin? A migraine? Feeling hot? Under most conditions, all we require is adequate water. Drinking this essence of life is like cleansing our insides and augmenting the body functions. It offers innumerable benefits as listed below:

  1. Keeps up hydration and energy levels
  2. Detoxifies
  3. Aids in healthy digestion
  4. Relieves cramps and aches,
  5. Increases flexibility
  6. Maintains body temperature
  7. Boosts immunity
  8. Good heart health
  9. Hinders bad breath
  10. Develops metabolism

How much water do we need per day?

Having said that, let us consider how much water per day sufficiently reveals a healthy lifestyle. Most of us prefer to stick to the 8X8 rule. So, is it the generally accepted recommendation of 8-ounce glasses?

The fact is that there is no ideal water consumption pattern for one & all. Though there are recommended guidelines for a safety catch!

Most nutritionists suggest that one should drink at least 2- 2.5 liters of water per day. As per the directives of National Academy of Medicine, an average male adult should take 3.7 liters (15 cups) a day which further curtails to 2.7 liters (11 cups) for a female adult.

Yet instead of accepting them downright, we need to vary the intake according to our lifestyle and needs. Meanwhile, it is reasonable to consider these inputs:

  1. Listen to the wisdom of your thirst mechanism
  2. Give consideration to other sources of water like juice, drinks, milk, tea, and coffee.

 Which factors determine our daily water intake?

lifestyle & water requirements

With above basic facts, try to mutate your daily consumption with the following lifestyle determining factors:

  1. Geographical conditions: Just as everything else has to do with geography, so is your drinking need. Hot & dry places signify additional water intake, cool places require less.
  2. Activity order throughout the day: A busy & active lifestyle requires you to gulp more ounces than a sedentary way of living.
  3. People with health conditions like sickness, pregnancy, lactation, digestive issues need more hydration than those with customary routines.
  4. If you exercise, play sports, tired or travel, your body needs to back on more fluids than normal.

Note this measure as a general recap:

S.No. Condition Water requirement per day
1 General 2-2.5 liters
2 Under the weather Drink 10-12 cups of         250 ml. Do not overdrink, listen to your thirst.
3 Pregnancy 2.3-3 liters
4 Lactation 3 liters
5 Sports 50 ml/kg of body weight
6 Summers 3 liters.

Use electrolyte or glucose for better results.

7 Winters 2-2.5 liters

Guzzle up every day! Your body will thank you.


Author: Latika Sawhney

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