Mantra for Meditation


Each one of us has countless thoughts in our mind; some we are aware of, others are part of the subconscious memory. Some pleasant thoughts and some troublesome. It is human nature to dwell on things that make us unhappy; even though we cannot change it.


Family, studies, career, peer pressure, etc are strong stressors which constantly burden the mind, making it a pressure cooker ready to errupt. Such things often lead to anxiety, depression, low self esteem; etc.


While medicines can help control these feelings to a certain extent, they cannot cure. Change need to come from within. MEDITATION is the simplest cure in theory, but quite challenging to practice.


Meditation is to mind what workout is to the body. You cannot expect to ace it in the very first month. But be regular, and you will notice a change. Meditation are of various types and can be practiced from a beginner to a very advenced level. Here I will discuss 2 common and easy ways to help you get the most out of meditation without going deep into the science behind it.


CONCENTRATION MEDITATION:  This is the commonest form of meditation and the hardest to practice, what is called as enlightenment. For beginners, it is best to sit/lie and focus on breathing and movement of the body as you inhale/exhale. Alternatively you can repeat a mantra. This helps the mind to focus on 1-2 very specific things while keeping all other thoughts away. Start with doing this 5 minutes twice a day.


MINDFULNESS MEDITATION:  Once you have trained yourself to be able to focus your mind, stop focusing on your breathing/mantra. This will bring a train of thoughts in your mind one after the other. Key is to let the thoughts flow through your brain, but not dwell on it. While this can only be attempted after months of concentration medidation, it can still be a daunting task.


Once in the habit, and being able to meditate it improves focus, concentration, memory, attitude, judgement and self analysis. On a physical level, it lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, lessens anxiety and stress, improves metabolism and much more.



Author: Dr. Abhishek Chaudhuri

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