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What your cholesterol levels are telling you

Lipid Panel

Nowadays with increasing awareness we already know quite a bit about cholesterol. These are breakdown products of fat during digestion, and are essential for maintaining proper cell/tissue functioning. However, with a more sedentary and stressful lifestyle, it is common to have excess levels of cholesterol.   Lipid profile is the most basic test which gives …

Catching cholesterol early


Cholesterol is a byproduct of fat breakdown in the body. Depending on its size, it is broadly classified into heavy, low and very low density lipids (HDL, LDL and VLDLs). These are normally present in all tissues of the body and are useful in hormone production, vitamin D synthesis, etc.   However, cholesterol nowadays is …

Five Health Parameters To Check Mark After The Age of 30

medical tests after 30

Once you have crossed the age of 30, it is a very good idea to get some medical tests done regularly. It is better to be safe than sorry later. While tests like checking for blood pressure, blood sugar levels and thyroid are commonly recommended, here are some other equally important ones that you should …