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Mantra for Meditation


Each one of us has countless thoughts in our mind; some we are aware of, others are part of the subconscious memory. Some pleasant thoughts and some troublesome. It is human nature to dwell on things that make us unhappy; even though we cannot change it.   Family, studies, career, peer pressure, etc are strong …

How to knockout depression?


Anxiety and depression are becoming increasingly common health issues in today’s world. Increased work load, busier lives and nuclear families, all contribute to mood altercation, low mood, resentment, despondance and depression.  While suffering from anxiety/depression, it feels impossible to snap out of it. However, in such cases, answer lies in the simplest of things.   …

Depression!! Let’s talk about it


We all have felt like the world would end, or there is nothing to look up to. Times when nothing makes us happy or when we just want to run away. What if someone said you are suffering from depression? What would you do?   Nowadays, everyone has their baggage…be it subdued childhood grudges, problems …