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Mantra for Meditation


Each one of us has countless thoughts in our mind; some we are aware of, others are part of the subconscious memory. Some pleasant thoughts and some troublesome. It is human nature to dwell on things that make us unhappy; even though we cannot change it.   Family, studies, career, peer pressure, etc are strong …

Best Anti-Depressant in the World


The human body is very unique in its creation. While the conditions of brain and rest of the body are clearly classified into physical and mental diseases; the body is fundamentally a single unit.   Lifestyle today has become extremely hectic and stressful. Most people in metropolitans suffer from anxiety or depression. Current work culture …

Pollution? Here’s Five Indoor Workouts For You!


Going out for that early morning or evening run, or hitting the gym regularly, is easier said than done, especially in winters. Then how can we keep ourselves fit and active? With these indoor workout options, there can be no excuses. These are as good as any exercise in the gym to maintain basic health …